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An Honest Account of Small Business Ownership

 Design*Sponge’s interview with business owner Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop

Loving this truthful perspective into the world of starting your own business by Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop.Venturing out to do something different that you hope there’s a potential market for and sticking to it is no easy feat. Through self-doubt, repeated rejections and the difficulty of separating yourself from your business, its hard to always maintain a positive momentum:

“I had to recognize that the business is separate from myself. It is hard, when you are spending every dollar and every minute on your business, not to take things personally. But you have to. Maybe it doesn’t work for your intended audience right now and that is ok. Trends, markets and tastes fluctuate.  Bending to meet market tastes isn’t worth it even if it gets you traction in the short run because creating a business identity means distinguishing it from the pack.”

This interview highlights how Christine faces the ups and downs of growing a small business while staying true to her original vision. A truly enlightening and encouraging read for all small business owners following (or hoping to follow) their chosen career paths…

Read the Full Article Here:
Biz Ladies Profile : Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop


Photo courtesy of Design*Sponge

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