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You Really DO Have Something to Offer

I stumbled across this fantastic article from DesignTaxi.com concerning the value (or more than likely, a lack thereof) one puts on their knowledge, work, skills, experience, etc as an independent business owner.

A definite must-read…

“When someone downplays their knowledge or fears marketing their services the underlying problem is often a fear of not being liked or of appearing inappropriate, yet the more successful you become the more you’ll find that people are either raving fans or big naysayers. You need to accept that not everyone will like you. So what? They will like someone else and that’s okay. You need to focus on finding your community—the people that can’t get enough of what you have to offer. Let go of the fear, because if you don’t you risk staying hidden in a corner instead of being in the spotlight where you can have an impact…”

Read the Full Article Here:

  1. Great share on this and your others. What is your main body font? I am sending you an email also…. taking work?

  2. Well thank you, happy to know this article spoke to someone else as well! My main body font is Museo Sans, a font I’m a big fan of right now – and which I’m also perhaps guilty of over-using, haha. Just sent you an email as well!

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