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Get the Skinny on nimbll

Loving this truthful perspective into the world of starting your own business by Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop.Venturing out to do something different that you hope there’s a potential market for and sticking to…

I’m LOVING the new redesigned packaging for Mom’s Best Naturals cereals. The design agency HartungKemp – now known as Ideas That Kick – brought a fresh and bold perspective to the cereal aisle.

We’ve all made our share of mistakes or missteps throughout our creative careers. Some perhaps a bit dicier than others. The best you can do when faced with these unfortunate circumstances…

I was working on little personalized WordFind and Crossword Puzzle cards for my friends’ and family’s holiday gifts and thought hey, I bet these would be really fun cards for anyone to give and receive.

Everyone in the creative field has experienced the equivalent of ‘writer’s block’ at some point in their career. Some more often than not. And this blank state of mind is without a doubt the most unfortunate…

An absolutely fantastic article from FortyAgency about the who’s what’s and why’s of social media marketing : 10 Tips on How to be a Social Media Superstar

Who doesn’t love a totally unique and orignal advertising campaign that involves consumer participation on a physical level + the use of current technology? I sure do.

I stumbled across this fantastic article from DesignTaxi.com concerning the value (or more than likely, a lack thereof) one puts on their knowledge, work, skills, experience, etc as an independent business owner.

I know there are many of you out there still perched on the Twitter fence. I’ve heard many reasons for not wanting to Tweet.

ustwo has created an App that has taken the imagination of classic bedtime story books such as Three Blind Mice, Jack & Jill, and Humpty Dumpty and ‘modernized’ them