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Becoming a Social Media Superstar

An absolutely fantastic article from FortyAgency about the who’s what’s and why’s of social media marketing

10 Tips on How to be a Social Media Superstar

A highly recommended ‘must-read’ if you’re contemplating launching a social media plan. Or, if you’re already using various social media outlets as part of your marketing strategy, these tips can help you hone your skills to achieve ultimate social stardom.

Since we live in a world with such fast-changing technology, there’s always a new marketing tool at your disposal. Social media is one such tool that has opened up an entirely new channel for businesses to build a fan base and promote their companies. When used properly, it can help you reach new customers, convince them to take action, and keep that relationship strong so they come back in the future. While it’s been a source of inspiring successes for many businesses, it’s also been a major letdown for companies who don’t understand that social media is a tactic, not a strategy.”

Part 1 :
You can read tips 1-5 here :  10 Tips on How to be a Social Media Superstar – Part 1

Part 2 :
And be sure to follow Part 1 up with tips 6-10 from Part 2 – an equally informative list of recommendations to help you understand the importance of your followers, interactions, contributors, and overall efforts : 10 Tips on How to be a Social Media Superstar – Part 2

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