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When You Find Yourself Staring at the Screen, Page, Wall…

Everyone in the creative field has experienced the equivalent of ‘writer’s block’ at some point in their career.

Some more often than not. And this blank state of mind is without a doubt the most unfortunate when paralleled with a swiftly approaching deadline. Here’s a very useful list of suggestions from DesignTaxi to help battle the task-at-hand and bulk up your creative engine for future scenarios :

1. Look Into Past Works from your Trade for Inspiration

2. Don’t Work Alone : Network with Your Peers, both Locally and Internationally
3. Find an Inspirational Mentor and Follow their Work
4. Change Your Surroundings from Time to Time, Mix It Up
5. Always Start on Something Immediately
6. Carry a Notebook at all Times to Record Any New Ideas

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Design Taxi : How to Find Creative Inspiration Easily and Fast

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