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A Little Something for You and You and You

I was working on little personalized WordFind and Crossword Puzzle cards for my friends’ and family’s holiday gifts and thought…

Hey, I bet these would be really fun cards for anyone to give and receive! So, I’ve put together a little set of 4 Holiday Themed WordFind cards free for you to download, print and share!

Just grab the downloadable file below and follow these steps:
1. PRINT out both pages (using cardstock will help them feel more ‘card’ like)
2. CUT both printed pages in half – widthwise, so at 5.5 inches
3. FOLD your four 8.5 x 5.5 pieces in half – with the words on the outside
4. WRITE a little something on the inside of each card
5. STUFF your cards into envelopes (or not)
6. SEND them / DELIVER them
7. ENJOYed… by your recipients – yay!

Holiday Songs

Reindeer Names

Bah Humbug

25 Holiday Words

Downloadable File [PDF] :
Printable Holiday WordFind – Pack of 4 Cards

  1. What a cute idea. Love it!

  2. You should be selling these, and do one for each holiday or season!

  3. ah thanks Kaje! and what a fabulous idea to do them for various occasions!

  4. by the way I just realized that these are the perfect size to hold a little gift card!

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