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Get the Skinny on nimbll

A fantastic video from Intel.com/visuallife of branding guru Michael Wolff talking about his process and approach to working in the world of visual design.

I just started using this really cool To Do list website this week called TeuxDeux (cute clever and totally free) and so far I’m loving it!

I prefer my news, facts or any other kind of educational related material for that matter, visually, if possible. This morning I stumbled across Toby Ng’s series The World of 100.

Absolutely brilliant idea! A ‘snapshot’ of the world in one day. Filmmaker Kevin Macdonald received around 81,000 clips submitted by various participants throughout the world.

A lovely video clip explaining the process Pantone goes through when choosing new colors for their line. Its their responsibility to focus on leading the way in the consumer…

If you’re like me – your head gets all foggy, your thinker clams up, your eyes glaze over and you’re tempted to stick your fingers in your ears and hum something similar to mmm bop.

Soooo… its been a total of 5 months (plus change) since I embarked on this solo adventure. Talk about an adjustment period that I am still very much trying to adjust to.