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Taxes Taxes Taxes

If you’re like me – your head gets all foggy, your thinker clams up, your eyes glaze over and you’re tempted to stick your fingers in your ears and hum something similar to mmm bop.

Yes, desperate times = desperate measures at any mention of the word : taxes. Ugh. Major ugh. Something us righties just aren’t highly knowledgable or experienced in : that left brained stuff. Or well-practiced. Okay… maybe its just me. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why its such a daunting, word filled, multiple forms, I-have-to-remember-how-to-multiple-and-divide-using %’s  process. And this year was particularly painful. I was responsible for not only me, but I got married AND started a business last year. Triple whammy. So – I began by trying to do everything the old fashioned way, via pen / pencil on the forms you can easily search for and download from the IRS. I thought this way I just might learn to understand it all. Well… long story short, after entering many blah blah’s here from line blah blah blah there on form blah – well : I gave up. Sorta. I decided to just go my usual route and use H&R Block. The online version. Which still kinda sorta had me doing taxes myself, but in a much easier to understand format. I’d only been in business from November 1st of last year – so I wasn’t too worried about my business taxes – yet. It was actually a great experience. Oooookay a ‘great + taxes’ combo is stretching it BUT I can say it was healthy learning. Specifically ‘what’s a business expense’ and learning how to properly categorize and report such items. Also – note to me, start tracking my mileage!

One other quick little helper I’ll give you all, if you do go the H&R Block route like I did. DO NOT ‘upgrade’ and pay for the additional premium filing service they offer. The little promo states that you’ll get extra help for small-business related items. I think the ‘extra’ help was one or two additional pages in the business expenses category. Nothing worth the extra $50 or so. In my opinion.

Now, just a couple days ago… after trying to estimate what I think I’m gonna make this year (which is a real reality check in itself, yikes) in order to pay my very first quarterly tax payment installment (which is another post entirely) I’m on a mission to find professional assistance… stat.

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